Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Just Be positive.!!!!!

This definately incourage you that a famous  people who also had that stammering Problem :
You can see to click on the link below...

The Only solution of Stammering in 5 steps. :-

1. Trust in Your Self : - That means..you have to keep trust on yourself as well as on God..( having the thought that any how..i will not escaping any thing)

2. Patience :- That's  the main medicine in Stammering...as much you have patience as you can improve means your improvement is totally depend on patience.( one thing I share...patience never stop)

3. Relaxation : Whenever you want to speak, firstly try to be relax..just remove your all thoughts..

4. Deep Breathing : After relaxation taking deep breath.(taking air from your nose and release from your mouth). 10 times you are to do.

5. now start speaking..but don't be fast..don't be having thousand of thoughts in your mind..just speck in ease form...

Introduction of Stammering

Stammering  is not a disease not any disorder it just a psychological bad habit which a person have otherwise it is nothing. or Stammer is a problem of your mind set 
Stammering  problem is a problem which you can improve by Taking Speech therapy sessions..

but always remember :
"You are never be above of who you think you are"

That means everything is depend on you and your thought.
Dont be hopeless and don't thinker that you are the only person who have this stammering..that is wrong...by the survey more than 90% population of the world 
suffering from the stammering problem.